October 26, 2008

iFEM is a MATLAB software package containing robust, efficient, and easy-following codes for the main building blocks of adaptive finite element methods on unstructured simplicial grids. Besides the simplicity and readability, sparse matrixlization, an innovative programming style for MATLAB, is introduced to improve the efficiency. In this novel coding style, the sparse matrix and its operations are used extensively in the data structure and  algorithms.

Please go to http://www.math.uci.edu/~chenlong/programming.html for more information.

Please acknowledge your use of subroutines by citing the corresponding paper and please spell iFEM in latex as $i$FEM.

  • L. Chen. iFEM: an integrated finite element method package in MATLAB. Technical Report, University of California at Irvine, 2009.


The author would like to thank Professor Michael Holst in University of California at San Diego for the discussion on the data structure for three dimensional mesh refinement and finite element computation, Professor Ludmil Zikatanov in Pennsylvania State University for the discussion on the usage of sparse matrix in the data structure, and also Dr. Chensong Zhang in Pennsylvania State University for the effort in the development of AFEM@matlab, the early version of iFEM.